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Learn How To Detoxify Your Home, Work And Family Environment
Every savvy health conscious person understands that the products that are advertised the most are not always the best for you.  You'll learn how to break the spell of mainstream marketing and live a more self-reliant lifestyle!
Reconnect With Your Passion For Responsible Natural Solutions
Sometimes we can all feel stuck and we may even question why we try to use natural products in the first place. You're about to rediscover the amazing power that makes these gifts of the Earth capable of changing your life for the better.
Improve The Health, Emotional State And The Functions Of Your Body
Support, maintain, and improve your health, wellness, or functions of the your body like the brain, the heart, the liver, muscles and joints, the respiratory system, cognitive function, and many others using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.
Unlock The Secrets of These Experts To Finally Live A Balanced, Happy Life
Do you often feel like your body is falling apart? Or that you mind may be slipping away with all the challenges of modern life? Your body is a vehicle that can take you far when you maintain and support healthy lifestyle choices that are now within your reach... we'll show you how!
Find Out How You Can Get Your Monthly  Oils & Supplements Reimbursed
Natural products that are certified pure can seem expensive until you know how to "hack the system" and get your essential oils and other natural product expenses reimbursed each month.  Using our proven systems, we'll teach you how to replace toxic products that are currently in your home with better, natural alternatives AND save money too!
Never Be Fooled Again With Fakes, Low Grade And Adulterated Oils!
Stop being cat-fished by fake essential oils that claim to be pure, natural or even organic! Learn exactly what essential oil brands you can trust and what oils you should avoid using.  The synthetic bargain oils that seem to be popping up everywhere could cause you serious harm or even death.  The more you know, the better choices you'll make now and into the future.
Our Presenters
Amazing  Presentations From Our World-Class Experts
A Day In The Life With Essential Oils 
Kim Camuso
From invigorating oils for the morning to calming oils in the evening, the benefits of essential oils in your life are fantastic. Incorporating oils into your day to day routine is easy and well worth it. See how easy it is with this ‘day in the life’ video.
Stay Active And Feel Good
Akwasi Frimpong
We may not be Olympic athletes but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be active and feel good. Listen to a successful athlete describe how he uses essential oils and supplements to help enhance his performance.
Tips And Tricks For Your Active Children
Jessica Moultrie
Having children who are active in sports can be a full-time job all on its own. With a busy schedule, you can’t always feed them nutritious, homemade meals. Learn how to supplement their diet so they’re getting the nutrients they need to stay active and healthy.
A Daily Health Routine For The Whole Family
Michelle Cannon
You may already have a daily routine for your health but do you have one for the whole family? Including your children in your routine will teach them about the importance of self-care and good health.
The Right Way With Vitamins And Supplements
Audra Robinson
Getting into a routine of taking your vitamins and supplements should be simple and easy. You want to succeed in boosting your health and feeling your best and here are a few tips to do so.
A Back To Basics Approach To Being Healthy
Ange Peters
The journey to weight control and good health is manageable. Figure out your why for wanting a healthy body and gather up your determination to be on the right track.
Keeping A Healthy Heart
Dr. Riggs
Dr. Riggs is Vice President of the Health Care Initiative. In this video he shares with us interesting facts about the heart, including love and the connection to the heart. Interesting and informative, this video is a must-watch.
Three-Step Approach To Improving Your Health
Marcy Snodgrass
Whether you’re dealing with a health ailment or you simply want to improve or maintain your current health, this video will help. The 3 step approach is over-arching and when you work on each step at your own pace, you can go forward to a better you. 
Essential Oils For Love And Connection
Dana Moore
We all want to love deeply and have healthy and happy connections with the people we love. Essential oils empower us to bond with the people that we love the most. The sense of smell has a big impact on the memories that we make in our life.
Choose To Live A Life Empowered
Laura Jacobs
Self-directed health care is so empowering. Learn how natural solutions like essential oils focus on health for the whole you. The Live Guide is designed to take you on a tour of the natural health lifestyle.
Creating Your Personal Self-Care Routine
Dr. Zia Nix
Establishing daily regimens or routines allows you to use the  essential oils and supplements to their fullest. This video outlines a daily routine that will give you ideas on how to create your own.
Skincare DIYs For The Holidays
Tracy Lyman
Fun tips and tricks for DIYs skincare for the holiday season. Whether you want to keep them for yourself or give them as gifts (or both), these tips and tricks are a must do!
Establishing New, Healthy Habits
Audra Robinson
Once you’ve started with a few essential oils and supplements you’ll want to experience all they have to offer. It may seem overwhelming until you actually start to introduce them into your life and feel the benefits. Establishing new, healthy habits can be fun!
Travel Hacks For The Holidays
Kathy Alldredge
There is a lot of travelling happening during the holiday seasons and you might be someone who’s going to be flying somewhere to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make travel smooth and stress-free.
Foundational Products For A Wellness Lifestyle
Emili Whitney
Building a good health and self-care routine needs a good foundation. You'll want to start with foundational essential oils and supplements to help you on your way. Once you start to build from that foundation, it becomes a way of life.
Fitness And Weight Management With Essential Oils
Wes Hobson and Kyle Kirschbaum
Wes Hobson was a professional triathlete and still trains daily. He talks with Kyle Kirschbaum who is an entrepreneur and father of five. Wes wishes he had essential oils when he was competing. Their discussion on the use of essential oils and supplements is very informative and a must watch.
Empowering Yourself And Your Family For A Healthy Immune System
Nicole Moultrie
It's a smart strategy to build a soild foundation for keeping your family healthy and fill in the cracks with essential oils. Knowledge of five years of using essential oils is outlined in this video. Empower yourself with the knowledge this video presents.
Digestion And Detoxing With Essential Oils And Supplements
Kristen Pardue
A Registered Dietitian will walk you through toxic overload, gut health and detoxification with the help of essential oils and supplements. The information in this video will help you on your journey to a healthy gut and healthy you.
Copaiba - The Powerhouse Essential Oil
Dr. Hill
Copaiba has broad effects of support on several systems within the body. Learn about Copaiba's properties and what benefits you can get from using this powerful oil in your daily routine.
Focusing On Immune And Respiratory Health
Crystal Nyman
Using essential oils to help support a healthy immune and respiratory system is best done with a routine. Get tips for using these supplements and essential oils so sit back and take all this information in for your health  journey.
The Brain, The Immune System And Your Children
Dr. Jessica Herzog
Dr. Jessica Herzog is dual-board certified in holistic integrative medicine and pediatrics. She uses essential oils in her home as well as her practice. She’ll discuss how important immune health is and some ways to support it.
Physical And Emotional Support For Your Children
Jen Frey
This mother of four has been using essential oils and supplements with her kids for quite a while. She has tips and tricks to share as she discusses her goals that include a boosted immunity, proper rest and increased energy, emotional support and mental clarity and focus.
Getting Off To A Great School Year
Jeanette Fransen
Mental clarity and focus are talked about in regards to special needs kids but really applies to all kids when they are going to school. Of course, it also applies to adults. Learn about some amazing oils that are good supports for focus.
Resolving Behavioral Issues In Children
Dawna Toews
Have an open mind - it doesn’t have to be about children. It could pertain to ourselves or friends or other family members. Here’s a mom of three and one of her children was a very difficult child. Learn some of the reasons she encountered and how she uses essential oils and supplements to help.
Gut Health From An Expert
Dr. Brannick Riggs
Dr. Brannick Riggs is on the Medical Advisory Board and is speaking about digestive health. When it comes to your health and your body, this video will give you a better understanding of what’s happening with your gut and how to help it.
Great Gift Ideas With Essential Oils
Makay Tautu
The emotional properties of the essential oils are gifts in themselves. Christmas can be a stressful time so learn how to share oils in baskets and bottles. With essential oils we have powerful gifts already.
Creating A Routine For Digestive Health
Boyd Truman
We want to give good support for our digestive health and immune system. Using essential oils and supplements internally and externally, on a consistent basis, will do just that. Find out how in this information video.
A Huge Toolbox For Digestive Health
James Bybee
Digestive health is more complex than just digesting our foods but most of us don’t think about the biology of our gut and GI tract. There are areas that we can take care of with a bit of knowledge. Essential oils and supplements can help us do that.
Detoxification For A Healthier You
Brianne Hovey
Toxic overload is a big problem and detoxing is a tool that can help eliminate these toxins and allow our body to heal and be healthy. Learn from a certified holistic health coach the benefits of detoxification and some tips to help you through it.
Essential Oils For Men
Justin Harrison
Essential oils are for everyone but a lot of men have a fear of them being too flowery or feminine. Justin is here to let you know that there are many oils that he uses that have a nice aroma and work great for many issues.
Hunting And Fishing With Essential Oils
Jeff Frey
Scent control is important when hunting because you don’t want to warn the animals with your scent. A hunter discusses essential oils and how he uses them to up his hunting game. Not all products on the market are all-natural, so find out how to avoid those that are highly toxic.
Creating And Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle
Dr. Damian Rodriguez
Dr. Damian Rodriguez is a health and exercise scientist talking about men’s health. Every day, every meal, every workout, and every night’s sleep are opportunities to get better conditioned. He spends his days studying the cutting edge of nutritional science and discusses things he’s learned.
A Healthy You With Supplements
Shane Hintze
Foods today don’t have the nutrients they used to have and a lot of our food is processed. This makes supplementation necessary in most situations. Learn how supplements can be a highly efficient way to create a healthy environment for our bodies to thrive. 
A Healthy Gut For A Healthy Mood
Cherie Burton
The brain and the gut communicate with each other to ensure your body is healthy. Proactively doing self-care is key to balancing the brain and the gut for optimal health. Eating right is foundational to your emotional and physical health.
Using Emotional Blends To Help Improve Your Life
Laura Jacobs
Laura Jacobs, a holistic health practitioner, shares her secrets to empower yourself to become your own emotional healer through the use of essential oil blends. A healer in every home is her mission.
Improve Your Sleep - Improve Your Mood
Nicole Stevens
Sleep is so important yet most of us don’t get enough of it. Learn how the lack of sleep can affect your mood and how you can use essential oils and other strategies to break the cycle of poor sleep.
Aiding Your Moods Through Supplementation
Rebecca Hintze
Mood-related issues is pandemic around the world and it probably affects you or someone you love. Learn how to improve this situation for yourself and your loved ones with supplements and essential oils. Who doesn’t want to be happier and more content?
The Rare And Wonderful Melissa Essential Oil
Natalie Goddard
Melissa officinalis, also known as lemon balm, received the name “Melissa” because of its sweet, fresh, citrus-like fragrance, which was known to attract bees (Melissa is Greek for “honey bee”). As one of our rarest and most expensive oils, Melissa has a wide range of health benefits and uses.
Looking Beyond The Basic To Meet Your Needs
Roxane Bybee
Sometimes we use the same essential oil, like On Guard, for a long time but the results aren’t being seen as strongly as they were. Well, it’s time to dig deep into the wide range of options and mix things up so you can improve your results.
Using Essential Oils For Immune And Respiratory Health
Robin Jones
Supporting immune and respiratory health for you and your family is easy and anyone can do it. In this video you’ll get some great ideas of how and when to use essential oils. You can experience the oils yourself and see what works for you.
Safety, Testing And Using Essential Oils At Home And In A Clinical Setting
Dr. Paul Winterton, MD
Dr. Paul Winterton is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon who enthusiastically uses essential oils in his clinic with his patients and at home for his family. Safety is always the number one concern and he outlines how to use essential oils safely at home and in a clinical setting.
Pregnancy Is An Adventure - Be Prepared With Essential Oils
Holly Lo
Labor will start and it will end - what happens in between is your and your baby’s birth story. Make it the best story with these tips on how to use essential oils during the birth experience from a Certified Labor Doula.
Caring For Your Family With Essential Oils
Sarah Vansteenkiste
Registered nurse, mother to five and daily user of essential oils, Sarah is so grateful for essential oils and what they bring to her home life. While she’s grateful for the knowledge she holds, she’s even more grateful for the ability to parent from her heart.
DIY Green Recipes
DIY Recipes
Get started now creating your own products to use in your home and with your family. Here are some great ideas and recipes for useful essential oil DIY products and projects - enjoy!
The Benefits Of Frankincense
Dr. Hill
As a Founding Executive and Chief Medical Officer of an essential oil company, Dr. Hill is a top expert in the industry.  Listen as he explains the many properties and health benefits of using  Frankincense essential oil.
Essential Oils And Energy
Nicole Moultrie
Who doesn’t need more energy these days? We all lead pretty busy lives and that can lead to feelings of tiredness and fatigue...sometimes in the middle of the day! Here are some tips to help give you the energy boost you need to get through a hard day.
The Importance Of Women’s Hormone Health
Chelsea Steve
Month after month, what women experience often feels like insanity. With the demands of kids, school, work, activities, social life, personal needs, all of these can have an affect on our hormones and moods. It doesn’t have to feel like this - you can actually enjoy a smoother ride through life and hormones.
Create The Hormone Synergy You Need
Mariza Snyder
Functional Practitioner and best-selling author Dr. Mariza Snyder speaks about hormone synergy and how to create it using supplementation and essential oils. Hormone health is so important for women and this talk covers many issues facing women. We all deserve a body that works!
Feel Your Best During Pregnancy And Childbirth
Stephanie Fritz
Get tips from a Certified Professional Midwife on how essential oils and supplements can help support a good pregnancy and childbirth. Strengthen your knowledge of essential oils so that you’re prepared to deal with the everyday issues that arise during pregnancy. 
Focus On Women’s Physical Health
Teresa Harding
Stress is one of the big culprits that can sabotage a woman’s health. Learn the signs of stress and those of a compromised immune system. Here is some insight into keeping physically well while turning down your stress levels.
Essential Oils As Tools For Good Habits
Katie McGiven
Five must-know habits that will help improve your wellness are outlined here along with tools to help you maintain those habits for a better you. Daily affirmations, journaling and meditation are all enhanced with essential oils.
DIYs for the Outdoors and Gardening
Jill Winger
We usually don't think about using essential oils outside of the home. Grab a pen and paper because you’re going to want to write down these recipes you can use to in your yard and other places outdoors.
Help with Going Green
Kari Sammons
Going green is a win-win situation. Your home is your safe place, so make sure it’s safe from toxins. These recommendations will show you how you can use natural products to keep things clean at home.
Green Cleaning with Essential Oils
Maree and Alicia Cottam
Maree and Alicia have been cleaning green for over seven years and wouldn’t dream of going back to the chemical-laden cleaning products on the market today. Hear their tips and tricks for keeping your home clean by going back to the basics - toxic-free.
The Whole You - Experience A Unification Of Our Physical And Emotional Wellbeing
Laura Jacobs
Laura Jacobs believes the most influential factor in our existence is what we believe to be true. Our thoughts influence our bodies and, therefore, our entire existence. Take the journey with her as she explores the mind-body connection.
The Perfect Combination: Yoga, Meditation And Essential Oils
Elena Brower
Lena has been a yoga instructor for the past 20 years. Learn how the practice of meditation and/or yoga and essential oils enhance and amplify the benefits of one another. 
Yoga, Meditation And Essential Oils Can Bring You Peace
Ruth Gough
Yoga means ‘union’ and helps with our mind, body and spirit connection. Let’s explore this connection and the use of essential oils and other products to enhance this connection.
Creating A Life You Love And A Calm Living Space
Sara Janssen
Why and how does aroma therapy work? Listen and learn how diffusing is a great way of supporting you everywhere in your home. You’ll want a diffuser in every room because each room has its own purpose.
How To Integrate Essential Oils Into Your Yoga Practice
Rachel Jones
Create a space that you’ll love to do yoga in at home. The body, mind and spirit are all connected and this yoga instructor will share some of her knowledge with you.
How to Use Essential Oils With Meditation
Heather Madder
Both meditation and essential oils have been used as wellness tools for thousands of years. More recently they’ve been recognised for their long-lasting benefits. Learn about using essential oils with meditation. 
Natural Care For Your Skin
Ange Peters
Ange is a holistic health coach and she shares her knowledge about having healthy, glowing skin using the all-natural products. She believes the skin is a reflection of our internal health. Learn from her all of the benefits of these essential oils.
What’s New With The Essential Skin Care Line
Andrew O'Hare and Kalli Wilson
Hear the news about what’s new with the Essential Skin Care Line in this brief presentation. All of the recipes have been updated and they’ve added a couple of new products as well.
Essential Oil Spa For Your Skin And Hair
Cachay Wyson
Get some helpful tips from a cosmetologist about the Verage skin care collection and other natural products that will help you maintain beautiful youthful skin and hair.
Infuse Your Life With Luxury - Skin Care For You
Jen Frey
Learn all about the skin and how to keep it healthy, youthful and glowing. Invest in your skin, it’s going to represent you for a long time. Jen goes through skincare products that support good skin health.
Pregnancy Tips
Jenn Garrett
Pregnant mom of 8 will share tips with you on using essential oils through most of her pregnancies, births and new babies. When expecting a child, whether it’s your first or not, knowledge is a powerful thing.
Women’s Health And Essential Oils
Dr. Gregory Woodfill
Dr. Gregory Woodfill is an OB/GYN and on the advisory board for an essential oil company. He uses supplements and essential oils at home and in his practice. Here he outlines some issues and the products that he uses. 
Essential Oil Solutions For Pregnancy, Birth And Your Newborn
Debbie Gordon
Registered nurse and dula talks about the beauty of pregnancy and birth and all the ways that essential oils and supplements can help you through your journey to becoming a parent. 
Tips For Oral Health
Amy Thedinga
Did you know that your mouth is the beginning of your digestive system? Keeping it clean and well-functioning is important to your overall health. Learn some tips and tricks for a clean and health mouth.
Self-care, Family And Essential Oils
Cachay Wyson
As women we have many roles in life and that can make life pretty hectic. Your journey with essential oils doesn’t have to be done alone. Your family will appreciate the different oils to help them as well. They’ll thank you for it.
Helping Teenagers Gain The Benefits of Essential Oils 
Laura King
Teenagers are often a bit resistant just due to the nature of their age. How do you get your teenager to use something that’s all natural and can really help them in life? Listen, learn and teach!
Natural Solutions For Sleep
Kateri Reyes
The lack of good, restorative sleep is a problem for many of us. Natural remedies and aids are the best route to take. Find out more about some of the top products on the market. It’s time to get the sleep you need to be happy, healthy and productive!
Emotional Health with Essential Oils
Russel Buttars, Dr. Heather Pickett & Dr. Brannick Riggs
This panel of three experts will discuss, among other things, emotional health and how essentials oils are a big part of that. They share their wisdom to help wellness advocates worldwide.
Tips For Traveling With Essential Oils And Supplements
Mariza Snyder
Traveling can feel like a new adventure and it’s made even better when you bring your essential oils with you. Once you reach your destination, you’re going to want your oils and supplements with you as well. Be prepared and enjoy!
Oils On The Go
Stephanie Howells-Scoville
A flight attendant explains how she travels with her essential oils and uses them for every flight. She shares some great tips since she has the experience of having been on many flights.
Bring Your Toolbox With You When You Travel!
Hayley Hobson
Many of you might wonder what products you should bring with you when traveling. What about security - are there any issues getting them through the security at the airport? Find out the answers to these and other questions about traveling with your oils.
Enjoying The Great Outdoors
Saramarie Smith
Here are some helpful tips so you can enjoy the outdoors and all it offers. Find the essential oils that work for you and enhance your experience.
The Benefits Of Essential Oils In The Outdoors
Marti Christensen
It’s fun and invigorating to be outdoors when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. It’s also amazing how essential oils play a role in everything you do. Grab some great ideas here and get outside!
Get Outside With Your Essential Oils
Kaci Vaudrey
Getting outside at every opportunity is great for your health and well-being. Being present in the moment will help you appreciate it even more. Whether you’re hiking, biking, gardening or doing whatever you like outside, essential oils can play a big role.
Weight Management And Lifestyle Goals
Dana Moore
Weight loss and management can seem difficult but they don’t have to be. Get some tips on making it easy and practical to fit essential oils in with daily life.
Let’s Get Back To Basics For Weight Management
Ange Peters
Ange is a certified personal coach and walks us through the steps you can take easily to lose or manage your weight. The journey to weight control and good health is manageable.
Tips On Weight Management
Dr. Damian Rodriguez
Dr. Damian Rodriguez is from a prominent essential oil company's Science and Education Department and he’s talking about health, fitness and weight loss. He was overweight as a child and went on to study nutrition and exercise in college. He’s happy to share his knowledge with you.
Great Ideas For Cooking With Essential Oils
Corinna Barrus
Experimenting with the different essential oils while cooking can be fun. Here are some tips you could try while discovering the flavors that appeal to your taste buds.
Holiday Recipes With Essential Oils
Lena Schwen
A holistic nutritionist shares some tips on using essential oils in your cooking. Learn about the toothpick trick and more. The focus is on holiday recipes but can be used all-year round.
Chai Chia Pudding With Essential Oils
Kisane Appleby
Learn the recipe for Chai Chia Pudding using chia seeds and coconut or almond milk with 4 different essential oils. 
Giving Back Through doTERRA
Julie Haslem
Did you know that doTERRA offers ways for you to give back to your community here and around the globe? There are many to give back through doTERRA and we want to share some ideas with you.
doTERRA Is All About Giving And Empowering
Teresa Harding
Once you start using the essential oils you can’t help but share them with others to empower them to support their health and wellbeing. Being empowered yourself, you’ll want to share your knowledge and experiences with others.
doTERRA And Giving
Andrea Larsen
The name doTERRA means ‘gift of the earth’ and it certainly is all about giving. Giving back to your community here and around the world. 
Cellular Vitality And Energy 
Dr. Tory Parker
Dr. Tory Parker is the Director of Research and Development and his background is in nutritional science. He shares his knowledge of cellular vitality and energy in a comprehensive way.
The Many Gifts of Frankincense And Myrrh
Laura Jacobs
Frankincense is like ‘liquid gold’ for all the benefits it gives. Myrrh runs a close second. Learn about the history of these oils, how they were used thousands of years ago and the many benefits they give to you.
Lifelong Vitality Pack Is A Supplement Of Choice
Justin Harrison
Lifelong Vitality Pack is an incredible product that supports cellular health. Your body will respond when given all of the micro and macro nutrients it needs to thrive and function. Today’s food isn’t what it used to be and supplementation is necessary.
Get The Adrenal System Back On Track With Essential Oils And Supplements
Melody Watts
There are essential oils and supplements that can help support adrenal, system function and the affects of stress. Hear what the adrenal glands do and what the stress reaction in the body is. Also, how you can identify the stress and love on your adrenals.
Give Your Laundry Products A Healthy Makeover
Sharla Snow
What’s in your laundry products? If you knew the amount of chemicals that are in the standard laundry products, you might think twice about using them. Learn about natural alternatives in this informative video.
Toxic-Free Household Cleaning Tips
Julie Davey
Many essential oil products not only do not cause harm because they are all-natural, they have health benefits when used. This is due to the essential oils that are part of the products. Learn how you can have a healthy and clean home.
Let’s Focus On Your Home’s Air Quality
Kari Coody
Bringing a new baby into her home sparked this new mom’s interest in using more natural products. She discovered essential oils and hasn’t looked back and now she’s sharing her knowledge with you.
Cleaning With Essential Oils
Aimee McClellan
Do you have closets full of cleaners? Do away with them and the chemicals they contain and learn how to use essential oil products for a healthy home.
Spring Cleaning Without Chemicals
Rachel Loth
Hear from a mom whose son was having bad reactions to the chemicals in her cleaning products and how switching to the natural alternatives like essential oils solved a lot a problems.
Make Your Own Cleaning Products Easily
Brianna Coles
DIY can sound scary and time consuming but it doesn’t have to be. Learn some tips and tricks about making your own cleaning supplies easy and quickly and you’ll save a lot money too!
Detoxing For A Healthier You
Kristin Tigges
Cleansing or detoxing is meant to be done on a regular basis. We’re exposed to so many chemicals through our food and the products in our home. Learn the benefits of detoxing using natural supplements and essential oils.
Essential Oils Bring Balance To Your Personality And Emotions
Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc.
While personalities differ from person to person, our emotions are very similar. Emotions are the key that bind us together and create beautiful relationships. We all strive for healthy, happy relationships and essential oils can help enhance these.
Emotional Vitality With Essential Oils
Cherie Burton
Bust through old patterns and reclaim a life of emotional vitality because what you vocalize, visualize and emotionalize - you actualize. Enjoy life and all it has to offer.
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What is The Essential Oil Summit?
The Essential Oil Summit is a 10-day digital event during which 102 Experts in Essential Oils & Wellness share inside secrets, recipes, and strategies for building a healthy happy lifestyle that supports wellness and natural holistic living.

Are travel accommodations required to attend the Essential Oil Summit?
No! The Essential Oil Summit is an online virtual event you attend from any location using any device when your schedule permits. Our expert interviews and presentations are available for free on each day of the summits to all those who have registered for free.  Access links are emailed each day of the summit for the presentations going featured on that day.

This summit can’t really be free... what’s the catch?
Yes!  Registration for The Essential Oil Summit is currently free. Once your registration has been confirmed, access links will be emailed each day of the summit for the training sessions featured on that day. Each days' training sessions will be available at the link provided for 24 hours.  If you think you might miss any of these vitally important training sessions or you already know that you want to have continued access to the recordings, you may want to consider securing access to the recordings, professional notes, and bonuses after you register for free above by upgrading on the next page.

What happens if I miss one of the training sessions?
Each day, our training sessions can be accessed by free registrants for up to 24 hours using the links that we provide daily.  This allows you to maintain your normal life and still find time to catch each of these amazing presentations.  You may also elect to upgrade your free registration to VIP status by becoming a Wholesale Customer which grants you lifetime access to exclusive members only discounts on 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, monthly loyalty rewards points, free monthly product promotions, mp3s and professional notes from the event sessions.  You'll also receive personalized support to help empower you to grow your own knowledge!

Will I be able to purchase essential oils during the event?
Absolutely!  You can upgrade anytime during the event to a Wholesale Customer account and start saving immediately and also receive our amazing event bonuses.

Do you have a question not answered here? Simply email and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

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